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Fic: Stained in the Blood (of a whole generation) (WIP)

Stained in the Blood (of a whole generation)

Fandom: Young Avengers/Criminal Minds

Parts: 4/9

Rating: M (for canon-typical violence)

Pairings: Background Billy/Teddy, Cassie/Jonas; Gen casefic for Criminal Minds

Warnings: Minor character death, some graphic violence (CM-level, fire-based, no sexual component)

Disclaimer: Not mine, never mine. As always, all credit goes to my betas, roane, moonbrightnites and frogy. All blame is mine. 

Summary: No-powers, modern AU crossover.

A string of brutal deaths brings the FBI’s vaunted Behavioural Analysis Unit to New York City on the trail of a serial arsonist. But when the UnSub appears to target a young man named William Kaplan, it becomes clear that nothing at all is what it seems...

“Yeah,” Billy nodded and wandered down a little past the desk, craning his neck to see into the room beyond. That was a meeting room, but right now it was all set up like a freaking command center, with computers and display boards and pictures of burned-out houses- and him.

A mug shot of him.

AO3 links:


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Tags: case based, crossover, frm
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