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Elements of fiction 1/1 (Reid, FRT)

Title: Elements of fictions
Author: 898700
Rating: FRT
Characters: Reid
Summary: For years and years he has always looked forward: to the end of the day, the end of the mission, the end of his CIA career. To the moment when he could finally be himself, and himself, and himself and no-one else; no more lies to remember, no more reactions to fake. And now that the time has come, he realizes that it also means no more looking forward.

Set in my "Undercover Pretty Boy" AU where Reid is an undercover CIA agent posing as a male supermodel, before moving to the FBI. I suggest you to read the other fics first, otherwise this might not make sense.

Read it at FFnet
Read it in the AO3
Tags: author: 898700, frt, gen, reid
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