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Criminal Minds Fanfiction

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Criminal Minds Fanfiction.
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Welcome to bau_fic, a community for fanfiction based on the CBS show Criminal Minds, which airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST in the United States (check your local listings).

The Rules

01 All pairings and ratings must be clearly marked. Also, please label if it is "gen", "het", or "slash" (see below). Character death, violence, etc., towards any main characters should be labeled. For a list of main characters, please check the official CBS homepage.
Gen: No pairing, focuses on the plot
Het: Deals with a straight pairing (woman/man).
Slash: Deals with homosexual relationships (male/male, female/female).

02 Because the MPAA is getting cranky we will be using the Fan Ratings System. Please familiarize yourselves with their system, and LABEL ALL POSTS with the appropriate rating. Your post will be deleted if you fail to do so.

03 Currently, this community has open membership. As such, there will most likely be something posted that will offend someone at some point. It's a given. Please, make sure you label things clearly, and make sure you read the labels. Absolutely no flaming or trolling will be tolerated. Stick to constructive criticism.

04 Please put all stories behind a cut (if you are confused as to what a cut is, or how to use one, please follow the link to FAQ 75). Also, fanart is welcomed for the time being, but it too must be cut and clearly labeled.

05 Please keep the community devoted to fan fiction. Once a week there will either be a link to criminalxminds or a post here discussing the current episode, and all discussion should take place there. Fan art should be posted at picturethecrime, but is still welcome provided it is behind a cut and properly labeled.

06 Further, when posting your stories, please use the following format.

07 Please read over what is posted here in regard to advertising in this community.

08 Any off-topic posts will be promptly deleted without warning.

09 Please use all appropriate tags for your post starting August, 2011. Failure to properly tag your posts will be met with a warning. Habitual failure to tag may result in deletion of the posts. Back tagging is welcome, but not required. For information on author tags and sorting the community by poster, please see this post.

Deletions, Complaints, Banning

If you fail to label your story or artwork properly, the entry will be deleted and you will be given a warning. Ignorance is no excuse; we expect that you have read the rules and understand them. On the third offence you will be removed from the community. If you have a complaint that someone has mislabeled a story, please do not leave a rude comment; instead, email Marvinetta first, and she will try to resolve it. We don't want this community to end up on Fandom Wank.

Criminal Minds and all associated characters, etc contained herein are the property of their respective copyright holders. Any mention of Criminal Minds, CBS, any associated entites, or any copywrited material pertaining therein is reasonably protected by the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, and is not intended to infringe upon any copywrited material. All usage is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Codes from perforada @ peoplemachines.

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